Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum Tour (blue line)

This tour is a perfect tour to take if you want to see and experience Estonia’s rural architecture and way of life. Hop off at the Open Air Museum bus stop and spend couple of hours in this museum (founded in 1957). If you have more free time, you can also visit Tallinn Zoo, located in the naturally beautiful Veskimetsa park forest, that is rich in different species. You can also go shopping to the biggest shopping mall in Tallinn- Rocca al Mare Shopping Center. The tour also passes Upper Old Town twice so you have the opportunity to visit our unique old town with this tour as well. This tour also takes you back to the port ( A, B,C and Cruise Ship Terminal).

Stop 3: Open Air Museum

The 14 farms in the museum provide an overview of how families from different strata of society lived in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. As you might expect to find in any proper village, there is a church, an inn, a school house, mills, a fire station, a shop and fishing sheds by the sea. At the museum, you can buy handicrafts, ride horses, and try traditional Estonian dishes at the inn.

Stop 5: Tallinn ZOO

Tallinn Zoo is located in the naturally beautiful Veskimetsa park forest that is rich in species. Boasting the most exciting collection of wildlife in northern Europe, it is home to more than 7,700 specimens belonging to almost 600 species or subspecies from Australia to Alaska. It has the best collection of wild goats and sheep in the world, as well as a remarkable number of eagles and vultures, and an excellent selection of owl and stork species.

Good to know: the indoor exhibits are closed on Mondays.

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