If you are thinking of organizing a memorable and exciting event (for example weddings or a corporate event) with a larger group, or you need a bus transport that would connect the company through a pleasant and joyful bus ride at the same time, then our doubledeck open top buses are probably just what you need. Doubledecker city tour buses can be rented for shorter trips in Tallinn or Harju County, as well as for shorter or longer advertising campaigns (we have done also short-time international rental to Sweden and Finland). There are two types of buses to choose from:  a bus with folding roof and sliding folding windows on the upper deck and a bus with fully open top with no side windows on the second deck (classic so-called London open-top bus). In Estonia, there are only 2 such completely open buses suitable for passenger transport and they can be rented only from us. The buses can accommodate 65-82 people (44-48 people on the top floor). As the buses are equipped with multilingual audio guides, it is also possible to rent them for private excursions in the city of Tallinn.

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